Teenage Mutant Ninja…Transformers

TMNT were violent comic books based on turtles who have muscles like bodybuilders and skill like ninjas, trained by a rat, hence the name Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. As if slow turtle being fast ninja was not enough, they had to be trained by rat of all animals. With such kiddish story line, it had to be turned into family friendly Saturday morning cartoon with violence toned down to zero. Started in 1980s, the craze extended in 1990s with video games, toys, movies and even music album! By 21st century, craze for TMNT went down. Tame violence was replaced with graphic violence. Turtles were replaced with pocket monster. American cartoons were replaced by Japanese anime.

But TMNT had to return one way or another. It was inevitable in golden age of superhero. And only one person was thought of being capable enough to reboot TMNT by Hollywood. No, it was not Christopher Nolan or Joss Whedon they choose but Michael Bay. Yes, the same Michael Bay who has been accused by Transformer fans of destroying their childhood through his movies. To be fair, I disagreed with his critics most of the time. He himself has said that “I make movies for 14 years old, what is wrong in that ?”. However, this would be the time I would agree with his critics.


Even though I did not like the new realisitic look of TMNT, it was not my main problem with movie. Main problem was whole movie. This movie might be worst 21st century superhero movie made till now. And that is saying a lot for a gnere that has Catwoman.

For starter, the movie should not be called TMNT for TMNT are there for only 5% of the movie. The actual lead character of the movie was April O’ Neal. Yup, the news anchor. Except for this time, she is gossip reporter and is played by the last person you would expect to play journalist – Megan Fox. But more than that, what was surprising was the fact that Megan Fox acted in a Michael Bay produced movie. It was surprising because after her rants against Michael Bay, no one expected her to work with Michael Bay. It was due to this reason she was asked not to work in Transformers series again. So her appearance was really a surprise.

Now the question is was Megan Fox miscast ? Did she dissapoint ? No. For bad acting was expected of her. Not only her character was poorly writtern, but her relation with TMNT was illogical

But enough about April O’Neal.

Let’s talk about the main villain Shredder. But before that let’s talk about Shredder was shown in the movie. Or not shown. Just because they did not want to show the face of Shredder without helmet, they threw black light on his face while everything else in shot is in normal colour. And worst part was that it was obvious!

Once Shredder puts on helmet, he looks like one of robots in Thor movies and has mission similar to villain in Amazing Spiderman.

Last but not the least. Actually least since they had smallest screen time, TMNT were best part but they were only used for action. There was only one funny TMNT scene which was shown in trailer already. It was only in last moment that writers remembered that TMNT are supposed to be funny that they added jokes during action scenes just to tell fans – “Look guys, TMNT said 5 jokes in the movie.”

You know what lack of plot or explosion do not bother me. It is lack of entertainment that bothers me.


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