Guardian of Star Wars

2014 was the year of superhero team movies. After Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon team-up in Captain America: Winter Soldier and X-Men team up in Days of Future Past, it was time for a new superhero team up.

This is where Guardian of Galaxy came in the scene. With old superhero returning, it was time for something fresh. And in the summer which was dark and serious, it was time for something colorful and funny.

It had not only the starcast of established Hollywood actors like Vin Diseal, Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper but WWE wrestler Batista and TV star Chris Pratt playing superhero. Chris Pratt had to turn from fit to fat.

Best thing about the film was it’s character. Each character was funny in it’s own way. While the lead character or leader of the group Star Lord ( played by Chris Pratt) was kind of new Han Solo, the show was stolen by Racoon(voiced by Bradley Cooper) , an animal with human voice and brain who is too smart and sarcastic and Drax the Destroyer ( played by Batista in heavy makeup) who takes everything too literally.

Of course everyone remembers Groot (voiced by Vin Diseal), a human like tree who only speaks three words – “I am Groot” and in last scene says “We are Groot”. Vin Diseal took lot of dollars for saying five words – “I”, ”We”, ”Are”, ”Am”  and “Groot” in many language. Right now it must be his most popular character after Dominic Toretto. Only Marvel currently can make me care for the tree.

Gamora(played by Zoe Saldana) a green skinned alien is basically straight guy. Or in this case, a straight gal.

Another memorable character was Yondu (played by Michael Rooker) who is a blue skinned alien with red mohawk and a sharp pen which flies with his whistle.

Even though this movie had villain but less we talk about villain better it is since villain was too bland and clichéd. And yes this movie teased Thanos but that’s it. There was no further development.

Not only the action and humor was good, but movie was very colorful which was good Amazing Spiderman 2 was ending Amazing Spiderman series and there was going to be dearth of colorful superhero movies. Plus there was lot of reference to 1970s and 1980s songs including Ooga Shaka as heard in Reservoir Dogs.


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