It’s Spi..Spi..Spi..DerMan

Even though I found Spiderman (2002) and Spiderman 2 (2004) better than Amazing Spiderman (2012), I still found Amazing Spiderman entertaining due to it’s clear cinematography, colorful visuals and original action scenes, I cannot say the same for Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014). It did have good elements like action , slow – mo and visuals. But it had lot of weakness too. For me it was good in bits and pieces. I can watch some again. Avoid others. First let me talk about positive things

Action and slow-mo

I have to admit that this had better action scenes than Amazing Spiderman. I can say that because unlike Amazing Spiderman, I actually remember action scenes of this movie. I still remember the slo-mo and visual used in the scene where Electro uses his power on Spiderman, especially the shot, where the camera shows us the electrical waves launched by Electro on railing.

Another memorable scene for me was when Spiderman is swinging webs on pole and electro is throwing electrical waves on him and we hear “Itsy-Bitsy-Spider”. This brings me to second point.


I don’t remember most of the sound, but I remember use of the sound was pretty good in action scene were good as exemplified above.  Another was type of voice used by Electro.


Most of the action movies either have orange-blue-yellow light as in Michael Bay/J.J. Abraham movies or dark visuals as in Dark Knight or Man of Steel. Amazing Spiderman avoid this trap by utilizing blue color in brightest way possible. Also red in suit of Spiderman looked good.

Camera Work

Nowadays, most of action movies have shaky cam as in Transformers, due to which it is difficult to understand who is punching whom on-screen. Cinematographer in Amazing Spiderman was competent as camera stays on one place without shaking and show us who is punching whom.

These good stuff were present in previous Amazing Spiderman. Now let’s look at negatives

Peter Parker

These movie are less plot based and more character based. While Spiderman was as good as in previous movie since he was funny , same cannot be said for Peter Parker. While previous Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker was not nerdy like Tobey McGuire‘s Peter Parker, he was still sympathetic due to his likeability and coolness.  Not so much can be said for Amazing Spiderman 2 ‘s Peter Parker. For some strange reason, creator decided to make this Peter Parker nerdy even though he did not look like one, by increasing his stammering to the level of 11. Stammering was not so noticeable in previous movie as it looked natural. However here it was not only noticeable but irritating too. And it was too frequent.

Harry Osborn

The portrayal of Dane DeHaan‘s Harry Osborn was total 180 of James Franco‘s Harry Osborn. While James Franco was normal teenager who saved Peter Parker from bullies and enjoyed his life until his dad’s death, this Harry Osborn not only looked like emo Pater Parker of Spiderman 3 but was a total crybaby from beginning with daddy issues whose face looked as if he was angry because he was not allowed to black make up his eyes and not someone who was going to terrorize the city. Even though Dave DeHaan was brilliant in Chronicle, he almost made Harry Osborn punchable in this movie. Plus his action scene was not as memorable as Electro. Talking about Electro…

Max Dilon

While Electro as villain was good during action scene, but before Electro was Electro in movie, he was Max Dilon. And Max Dilon ‘s character was pathetic. It is not clear whether he is a comic sidekick or a mental patient. His “comedy” is unfunny. His hairstyle looks like cheap hired wig not wore properly. His reasons for anger with Spiderman are not really logical. Overall his character is trainwreck.


This should not even require more than one line. They take good actor like Paul Giamatti and use him like punching bag. Enough said!


This movie foreshadowed the villains like Sinister Six and Black Cat for planned sequel, the sequel was later scrapped due to fallout of Andrew Garfield with studio and series got cancelled. Sad for Andrew Garfield and this series fan.


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