Amazing Spiderman

In 2002, Spiderman was a grand hit and changed the superhero into a sustainable genre that was going to rule Hollywood for decades to come.  Spiderman was followed by two sequels, one in 2004 and other in 2007. After the success of Spiderman 3 (2007), there was a plan of Spiderman 4 with John Malkovich  portraying Vulture. However Sam Raimi backed down from directing as he thought it would not be over by 2011 and the plan was scrapped. Instead Sony planned to reboot it into “Amazing Spiderman”. Andrew Garfield of ‘The Social Network’ and Emma Stone of ‘Easy A’ fame were casted as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey respectively.

This time the treatment of Spiderman was loyal to comic book i.e. instead of secreting web from body, Spiderman now secreted web from a gadget attached on his wrist. Not only the Spiderman was different, but Peter Parker too. Instead of nerdy Tobey McGuire , we had skateboarding Andrew Garfield. This Peter Parker was perfect representation of gadget obsessed generation.

Even the tone was different. Instead of focusing on something called emotions and story, there was focus on colorful style and well shot action scenes. Even the New York looked better.

Even though it was better technically, it lacked originality. Overall previous series was better.


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