Tea Party and Superhero

On 16 December,1773, a group of people living in British American colonies  decided to throw shipment of teas into Boston Harbor in order to protest against Tea Act implemented by British Government on 10 May ,1773. Those who were involved in this incident were called Boston Tea Party. This incident lead to American Revolution , in which Thirteen colonies in North America got independence from their British rulers. However the Founding Fathers believed that there is no point in independence from colonial rule until and unless Americans gets freedom from “big government” that was prevalent in colonial rule.Founding Fathers believed that government interference in an individual life needs to be minimum. In December 16, 2007, group of Americans held a fundraising event on 234th anniversary. This event lead to a political movement called Tea Party Movement. Member of this movement believed that role of government in an individual life has become too big and that the size of government needs to be reduced. Members of Tea Party Movement believed that government intervention in economy and higher taxes were responsible for 2008 recession. This movement lead to popularity of new political ideology named “libertarianism” which believes in limited to no government and individual liberty.


In 2008 , Marvel released Incredible Hulk , which was a reboot of 2003 Hulk. The Incredible Hulk did not comment on current political situation like The Dark Knight but was relatable  to general mood of audience like Batman Begins was in 2005. The Incredible Hulk was about a scientist named Bruce Banner who is involved in an experiment  that makes human immune to gamma radiation. This experiment was supposed to be part of “super soldier” program which is supposed to make US military more efficient. However failure of experiment makes Bruce Banner exposed to gamma radiation which turns him into a creature named Hulk whenever his heart rate is above 200. When Bruce Banner becomes Hulk , he is unable to control both his strength and anger and injures people around him. This makes Bruce Banner a fugitive in USA and thus he goes into hiding for next five years.When US military finds him , they try to take gamma radiation from his body in order to restart the experiment. However Bruce Banner refuses this demand.


A lot of anti-big-government people found the problems of Bruce Banner relatable. They believed US military was an allegory of big government while Bruce Banner was allegory of common man harassed by big government.

In 2009, superhero movies like X-Men Origins : Wolverine would manage to be non-political. However 2009 would be the year when the popularity of Tea Party movement would increase when they would protest against “government bailouts” because of the fact that these bailouts may require increase in taxes.Marvel would look at this popularity and release Iron Man 2 as an allegory of limited government, private property and individual liberty.


In Iron Man 2, US government would ask Tony Stark to handover the suit of Iron Man to government for the purpose of defense. Tony Stark would refuse this demand believing that he is rightful owner of his suit and that USA government would not be as good as him in the matters of using his suit for the purpose of defense. When the government is not able to take Iron Man suit from Tony Stark through conversations and negotiation, US government is forced to send one of the US soldier to take the suit away physically when government thinks that Tony Stark is not using his suit for good. Tony Stark still refuses believing that he is the rightful owner and that he should have full control of suit.This results in a fight between Tony Stark in Iron Man suit and US soldier in another Iron Man-type suit.

A person may interpret this whole situation as individual defending his liberty and private property from government intrusion and harassment. Sure Iron Man 2 also comments on military industrial complex and corporate rivalry but individual ‘s choice is the main running theme of movie.


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