With great power comes…

On September 11, 2001  two major U.S. passenger air carriers which departed from airports on the northeastern United States bound for California got hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists and crashed into World Trade Center, killing  2,996 people, including the 19 hijackers.

This incident led America to declare War On Terror. This war was going to be different from the wars USA had previously fought . It would not be a war on a country like Mexico or on particular ideology like Nazism . Rather it would be on the concept of terrorism itself , without really defining who are the terrorist , which terrorist would be fought or what their ideology was. The war would not only be fought using Armed Forces in countries that have terrorist but also through NSA that would wiretap on US citizens because US government thought that terrorist could be in USA also.

On October 7 ,2001 , USA would launch a war against Afghanistan since Afghanistan was ruled by Taliban government and Taliban government supported Al-Qaeda. Afghanistan would be first country against which USA would  wage a war during War on Terror.

Producer of Sony noticed the during Global War on Terror, American citizens were not only feeling optimistic and patriotic, but also started believing in good-guy-vs-bad-guy for real . The producers realized that in such atmosphere, audience would like to watch a simplistic good-guy-vs-bad-guy movie. Thus they collaborated with Marvel Comics in order to make a movie on their most famous superhero character and Mr.Nice Guy, Spiderman. The movie would be based on 90s script written by James Cameron. James Cameron made a slight change in Spiderman ‘s superpower. Originally , in comic book , Peter Parker invented a device which shoots web. However in James Cameron ‘ script , Peter Parker is bit by a special type of spider. This bite would give superpower to Peter Parker. Peter Parker now would have superpower to shoot web from his wrist.

The plan for movie was discarded in 1990s. However when Sony observed that X-Men was a hit, it got confidence in superhero genre and planned to revive the Spiderman script with different crew and instead of James Cameron , it would have director of Evil Dead series , Sam Raimi as director.It would have none of the moral ambiguity and seriousness of X-Men. Spiderman would be a throwback to classic adventure movies like Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood which had romance ,comedy , stunts, thrills and simplicity. Spiderman would have Tobey McGuire as Peter Parker , Kristen Durst as Mary Jane , James Franco as Harry Osbourne  and Willem Dafoe as   Norman Osbourne/ Green Goblin.

The movie was about a shy and nerdy  teenager named Peter Parker who lives with his aunt and uncle since both of his parents died and whose best friend is Harry Osbourne. Peter Parker has a crush on his neighbor named Mary Jane but is not able to propose her due to low confidence and weak physical appearance. One day , during Peter ‘s school trip to museum of spiders , Peter is bit by a special type of spider while Peter is busy photographing in museum for school magazine. The spider’s bite not only gives Peter Parker physical strength but also a superpower. Peter Parker ‘s superpower would be shooting web from his under palm. Peter  Parker would use his physical strength to fight criminals and use his web shooting skills to catch criminals by shooting web on building and using it as rope. But Peter Parker do not want people to know that he is a crime-fighter in order to protect his loved ones, so he makes a suit for himself to cover his identity and calls himself Spiderman

Meanwhile Norman Osbourne , father of Harry Osbourne , who is an entrepreneur and a scientist is making a superpower suit for US military. When Norman Osbourne is threatened by military that funding for superpower suit would be cancelled if it fails to reach it’s deadline. In order to check whether the suit is working or not, Norman uses himself as guinea pig for suit. Since the suit is not ready, the experiment has a side effect on Norman which leaves Norman with split personality disorder. Norman’s new personality is of maniac who uses the suit to cause destruction in city through bombs and intimidation of civilians.

Spiderman is not just an action movie but also a romantic movie as it showcases the love triangle of Harry , Peter and Mary.

However Spiderman would also comment on stages of teenage life directly and indirectly through symbolism. It would showcase peer pressure , bullying , physical change and loss of innocence.

The movie would open with both critical and commercial acclaim.When Tobey McGuire starred in this movie, he had image of a skinny actor who starred in romantic comedies.

The success of Spiderman movie in 2002 would not only give producers enough confidence to make more superhero movies but also start a trend where not-so-macho actors would be cast as protagonist of   action movies as CGI would remove requirement of beefed up muscles from actors. If someone is a fan of Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Carribean series he needs to thank Tobey McGuire and Sam Raimi.


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