Rebirth of Superhero Genre

Even though genre of Superhero in movie might have died, but the craze hasn’t. If superhero genre was at all time low with likes of Supergirl, Red Sonja, Howard the Duck, Superman 4, He Man ; it would see new heights with introduction of something called “graphic novel”. Graphic novel wold be something like a novel except it would be told in form of comic instead of text only.


Not only was “graphic novel” introduced , but it would break all records. Comic book writers such as Alan Moore and Frank Miller would be responsible for this phenomena.

Alan Moore

Success of graphic novels aimed at adult audience such as “Watchmen” and “Dark Knight Returns” in 1986 would give a message to Hollywood studios that those who loved gore-fest such as Aliens also love superhero.


Sure Superman 4 and He-Man  were flop in 1987, but 1987 would be the year supeherro genre could start breathing again. It would not be a comic book movie that would restart but a non-comic book movie called Robocop.


Robocop was pretty much a superhero. Mask. Check. Vigilante. Check. Human alter-ego. Check. Gadget. Check. Suit. Check. Super villain. Check.


The message was clear. Not only were there some action fans who did not want their heroes to be so exposed but wanted them to cover their face.


With the success of comic books like “Killing Joke” and “Batman:Year one” , it was clear that people now wanted Batman to be serious and not cheesy like 1960s TV  show.


With the success of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom in 1984 , PG-13 would be seemed profitable.


It was perfect time for a Batman movie.


Sure R-Rated Punisher was released and flopped in 1989, but PG-13 Batman turned out to be a hit. And the revolution would start in next decade. Or does it ?



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