Flower power, Vietnam and Superhero


With such success in superhero comic book industry and the fact that Baby Boomer were now in large number , you would have thought Hollywood would fulfill demands of everyone who grew up reading superhero comic books, am  I right or am I right ?movie-theater-line

Well before Hollywood mainstream could cash in on superhero genre , Gulf of Tolkin Incident happened. Those who were born in 1946 were now 19 year in 1965.

19 year old had two option – either join the South Vietnam’s war against North Vietnam or don’t join. Those who joined were not gonna be in USA till 1975. They would not be important audience for Hollywood till 1976.


Well, you would ask what about Baby Boomers who did not join ? Would they not be important audience for Hollywood ? Cannot Hollywood make any comic book movies for them  ?

Yes, they would be  important audience. No, Hollywood could not make superhero movies for them despite the fact they grew up reading comic books.

You see those who did not join Vietnam War questioned not only Uncle Sam’s involvement in South-East Asia but USA itself. Civil Rights movement questioned the role of whites and blacks in American society. Feminist movement questioned the role of man and women in American society.Gay rights movement questioned the role of homosexuals in American society. Well you get the point.


Anything that was typically associated with word “American” was challenged.

Even Cowboy movies –  which symbolized USA – stopped being profitable. Superheroes could not have been profitable on mainstream as Superheroes were as “American” as it gets.


TV however again proved to be silver lining with launch of Batman in 1966 and Green Hornet in 1967.



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