Birth of Superhero Cinema

USA has ended it’s involvement in South Vietnam in 1973. Those who served were back home. Surely they needed something “American” on TV.


Enter 1974.

‘Spidey Short Story’ and ‘Shazam’ are launched on TV.


Success of these shows gave confidence to DC to launch “Wonder Woman” on TV in 1975.


However Hollywood was still reluctant about adaptation of Superhero on big screen. People still demanded realistic movies like ‘Taxi Driver’.


Enter Bicentennial Celebration to celebrate 200 years of Declaration of Independence.  USA just remembered that Uncle Sam sent man on moon only 7 years ago. USA could ‘dream’ again.


Enter 1977. Close Encounter of Third Kind was released.


But more important than that was the fact that Star Wars was released. Star Wars did not only used American’s fascination of space, but also nostalgia for good ole’ days of innocence when movies lacked moral ambiguity unlike ‘The Godfather’ and fantasy like ‘Wizard of Oz’ were a hit.


Enter 1978. A TV series on Hulk is launched. But more important than that, a movie based on Superman was released. Yes, readers, a mainstream superhero movie was finally released! Dreams were fulfilled. Yes !


Icing on top was the fact was that movie was good. It had everything a comic book fan could wish at that time. If Jaws in 1975 proved that summer holidays were best time for blockbuster, Star Wars in 1977 proved fantasy could sell again.


Success of Superman movie lead to movie adaptation of Star Trek TV Show in 1979 and Flash Gordon comic book in 1980. Lest not forget, sequel to Superman was a hit in 1980!


But then 1982 happened.


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