Birth of Marvel Revolution


If 1930s and 1940s was era of DC with launch of Batman , Superman , Green Arrow, Flash , Wonder Woman then 1960s was going to be era of company of Captain America – Marvel with launch of Hulk , Fantastic Four , Thor.2677624-ff001

If 1950s was about fear of ‘others’ through ‘Hollywood Blacklist’ and ‘McCarthysm’ then 1960s would be about welcoming others through ‘Counterculture’ and ‘Civil Rights Movement’


In 1963 Marvel launched X-Men which was about ‘others’ – I mean ‘mutants’. The villain would be ‘Malcom X’ – I mean  ‘Magneto’ would tell ‘Blacks’ – I mean ‘mutants’ that ‘Whites’ – I mean ‘humans’ are the enemy.The hero would be ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’ – I mean ‘Professor X’ who would dream of ‘color blind society’ – I mean – well you get the point


1963 was also the year when Marvel would make Capitalism look cool after Che Guevara made Communism look cool.


Suits.Check. Well combed hair. Check.Handsome face.Check.Confidence.Check.Gadgets.Check..Womanizer.Check.Alcoholic.Check.


No I am talking about UK super-spy James Bond, but multimillionaire Tony Stark who invents suit of Iron Man and fight Mandarin when China was still a foe of USA.


With this much success, no wonder Captain America would make comeback in 1964.

However we should not forget 1963 was also the year of Spiderman. Here was superhero who not only had moderate income unlike Bruce Wayne, but was also 17 year old like those born in 1946.


Coming to Baby Boomer , what would they do next ?


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