1950s and Superhero


1950s would not be a good decade for superhero comic books


Moral police would start blaming comic books for bad behavior among kids. Censorship would hit comic book industry and affect creativity.


Popularity of Superheroes genre would start decreasing. Captain America stopped being published in 1950.


Adding fuel to fire would be the fact that baby boomers would still not make important amount of audience.

Those who were kids when Superman comic book was released would now be drafted in Korean War from 1950 to 1953.


Even if there were superhero movies made, they were not mainstream.

Even if their were sci-fi movies, the heroes would be humans and villains would be ‘others’ i.e.; aliens and monsters, who would be metaphor for Communist.

For e.g.; – Invasion of Body Snatchers


Surely it was difficult for a Krytonite to be a hero as he would be “others”.


If there was one silver lining, it would be increase in TV. Kids who could not go out to cinema hall, could watch serials on TV.


“Adventure of Superman” would be launched on 1952 and run till 1958.


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